Cosmic Raven

Video created by Tom Hume

Released by Smooch Records 2017

The Tide Keeper (by Alyx Duncan)

Watch the full film here.

“Who knows how to stem the tide except through dreams?”

One night an old seaman dreams the ocean into his bed. His sea green sheets become the polluted waters of his worst nightmare. His own mortality is at risk as his household objects begin to suffocate him.

The film is inspired by the life, and performed by the filmmaker’s father.


Set against a backdrop of the New Zealand coastline, across two parallel story lines, David examines his young life and those he has come to share it with.

A short film from director Loughlan Prior, DAVID is a collaboration between the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Zambesi and Prior Visual. Using dance and media integration as a vehicle for expression DAVID develops the relationship that dance and story-telling present in front of the camera.


A short film featuring Sir Jon Trimmer and artists of The Royal New Zealand Ballet, ‘Memory House’ is a combination of surreal circumstance and poignant dance relationships. Shot against a stark minimal landscape and a decaying house, the film explores moments of interaction between past and present. Above all, the film acts to explore each artist on camera, finding new ways to view and enjoy dance.

Nervous Doll Dancing live at Muuga Manor

Rakvere, Estonia 2013.
Visuals and video by Tom Hume

Nervous Doll Danicng live at the Havana Theatre

Vancouver, Canada 2013.
Visuals by Tom Hume, Video by Rod Matheson

Nervous Doll Dancing

Melbourne Fringe, 2010.
Visuals and video by Tom